Седум „евтини, но паметни“ начини за „зголемување“ на вредноста на вашиот дом во рок од еден ден

Седум „евтини, но паметни“ начини за „зголемување“ на вредноста на вашиот дом во рок од еден ден

Whether selling your дома or not, adding value is often what many people think about when doing renovation work.

The team at Your Overseas Home have shared different “cheap but clever” ways to “improve any house” while on a budget.

1. Touch up scratches or marks

The experts explained: “You know when you moved that wardrobe two years ago and it marked the upstairs wall?

“It’s time to remedy that scratch with a stain-filled touch-up marker or for deeper marks, invest in some polyester filler before adding a fresh coat of paint.”

2. Deep clean stainless steel

Bathrooms and кујни are often what make or break a property since they are expensive to change.

To make them sparkle, the experts recommended focusing on the stainless steel fixings, making them shine.

Also don’t forget the showered, descaling tablets are “cheap as chips” and “work wonders” within minutes.

3. Paint exterior woodwork

The experts said: “Restore exterior woodwork like fences, gates, and window and door frames to their original brilliance by touching up unsightly blemishes with a fresh lick of paint.

“It’s cheap and easy to do, but it will make a huge difference and improve your home’s curb appeal straight away.”

4. Upgrade wall sockets to include USB

If Britons have excessive cables or extension leads in noticeable areas of the home, the experts recommend upgrading wall sockets to ones with USB ports.

This “automatically” makes areas of the home look much tidier and is perfect for charging lots of tech.

5. Clean carpets

Old and worn carpets don’t look great to prospective buyers and while changing entire carpets is pricey, cleaning them isn’t.

If you don’t have a carpet cleaner of your own, they can be hired for as little as £30 a day. 

6. Fresh paint

The experts continued: “Light creates the illusion of space, so making your home appear lighter is a cheap and easy way to increase its value.

“If you have any rooms that are on the smaller side, painting them with a bright white or ecru can make them appear bigger which is more appealing to the prospective buyer.”

7. Freshen up grout

Dirty grout can make kitchens and bathrooms look old and unloved which may impact your home’s price, according to the pros.

A cheap and easy way to make it look brand new is to clean it by scrubbing it with a baking soda and water mix along with a toothbrush.

The pros noted: “This method costs pennies but could make it look like it has been freshly re-grouted.

“You can also buy grout pens at the hardware store for as little as £4 which do the job (but don’t always last as long).”

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